About us

CTS Nederland B.V.

Thé supplier for Climate Simulation Equipment, Ovens and for
reliable and accurate service.


CTS Nederland B.V. was founded in 2008 and is located in Tiel.

We are an experienced, solid and enthusiastic team in which everyone has the same focus:

Living up to agreements and building and maintaining a reliable, long-term relationship with our customers.
To be involved in their objectives and provide them with targeted advice, information and to unburden them with regard to all issues concerning
climate simulation equipment.


We are part of the CTS Clima Temperatur Systeme GmbH company in Hechingen (Germany);

Internationally one of the most renowned manufacturers of Climate Simulation Equipment.

Founded in 1996, with approximately 180 employees and more than 12,000 delivered environmental test installations worldwide; from Temperature and Climate Cabinets, Stress Screening to combined Vibration Testing and Energy Storage Testing equipment.


CTS Nederland B.V. is also the sales and service organization in the Netherlands for:

- IP Water and Dust test equipment from iTS Testsysteme GmbH.

- Industrial and Laboratory ovens from    Nabertherm GmbH

- Corrosion testing equipment from         RSI Test Systeme GmbH