Shock TSS

Temperature Shock Test Chambers series TSS

The innovative technology of our CTS temperature shock test cabinets allow temperature changes up to 100 K/min. The most common national and international standards (DIN, IEC, MIL) are met. The compressed-air dryer system used as a standard allows up to 3000 test cycles without defrosting.


Basic Equipment:

  • capacitive Multi-Touch-Display in the front
  • defined keys for elementary functions of the installation
      such as start/stop, fixed-value/automatic operation,
      interruption, light, etc.
  • USB-Connection to save measuring data on USB Stick
  • Ethernet-Interface
  • door with window, incl. LED-lighting
  • 2 digital Out, to switch test specimen ON/OFF
  • shelf, stainless steel
  • entry port, size depending on chamber type
  • single-hand operated door handle, lockable
  • temperature cycling in cold chamber (32, 66, 130 Litre)
  • eco-mode to save energy costs
  • air dryer system to avoid freezing in long-time testing

Your benefits:

  • low consumption data
  • minimum noise level
  • user-friendly operation and programming
  • uniform operation due to identical Multi-Touch-Display for
      all chamber sizes
  • temperature measuring with Pt 100 in air inlet and air outlet
  • service-friendly construction
  • international standards are fulfilled (CE-Conformity)
  • compact design with small installation area

Test space capacity in liters:

  • 32 / 66 / 133 / 350

Temperature range:

  • +50 °C+220 °C
  • - 80 °C+100 °C


Control        : Multi-Touch-Display with integrated program controller

Test space  : stainless steel grade 1.4301

Refrigerants: environmental friendly refrigerants


  • shelves and protection for the basket
  • increased temperature range in hot chamber to +250°C (for 130 ltr.)
  • temperature protection for test specimen
  • Pt 100 for temperature measuring on test specimen
  • CID software for programming and documentation
  • water cooled refrigeration unit for TSS-70/32 and TSS-70/66
  • air cooled refrigeration unit for TSS-70/130 and TSS-70/350
  • entry ports
  • higher test load
  • separate machine unit, incl. control unit (350 ltr.)
  • other interfaces: RS232, RS485 and USB