Modified standard

Modified standard test equipment 

We can adapt all our standard test cabinets to your individual wishes and specific applications. Whether you need a mobile door for a specific construction of your test system, perform radiation tests with different light sources of different wavelengths, or want to test safety with regard to fire and / or explosion hazards in energy storage applications, we have the right solution for your test demands.



Some examples:

  • Test equipment for (Li-Ion) battery and Fuel-Cells
      up to UCAR hazard level 7
  • ATEX-Ex Test equipment
  • Test equipment for Solar panels (a.o.: IEC 61215, IEC 61646)
  • Altitude Test equipment for the Aerospace industry
  • Corrosive gas Test equipment
  • Sunlight Simulation equipment
  • Tensile test cabinets for various tensile tester brands
  • LV 124 Testing

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